Acoustic-Consulting from the sound engineer.

Whether it’s a school, university, recording studio, public hall, restaurant or private hi-fi-room: based on 20 years of experience in acoustic design, we will find reliable solutions for all acoustic challenges.


Architectural acoustics

Studio acoustics

Schools & Universities

After detailed consultation with users, we offer acoustic design that meets their objectives and takes into account national and international standards.

Through a good implementation of acoustic planning we achieve:

  • Classrooms with regulated acoustics for fatigue-free learning and teaching
  • Cafeterias / canteens with controlled sound levels
  • Lecture halls with acoustics adapted to the use of the room
  • Library spaces with quiet working areas
  • Auditoriums with excellent speech intelligibility
  • Sound reinforcement systems that are tailored to the rooms properties



Control room acoustics with passive and active absorbers. Tuning of acoustics to the monitoring system. Optimization of recording rooms for the desired use. Changeable acoustics for different applications. Stereo, surround and multichannel control rooms.

From my workshop activities at various universities, I knew Prof. Middelkamp and his work from personal experience, and it was clear to me that I would ask him to design my studio. In the end, the acoustics of my recording room not only exceeded my expectations, but were commented on as "perfect" by all of my production partners (including Humberto Gatica, mixing engineer Thriller, M.Jackson, etc...) without exception and with undisguised enthusiasm. All musicians, whether classical, jazz or pop, without exception, feel so comfortable in this room that they like to stay for many hours to make music together.

I still cannot understand how it was possible for Matthias Middelkamp to design such a room, in which I can rehearse, concertize and record with the most diverse instrumentations from solo to orchestra with perfect sound.

From the beginning, Matthias Middelkamp advocated that the appearance should also be appealing and planned accordingly. A suggestion that was to prove extremely important in this period of transition from pure audio to audio-visual production.

Wolf Kerschek, Phina Music Studio

Wolf Karschek


The right sound level, the right music over the right sound system, the feeling of being able to have private conversations at the same time and yet being in a community all contribute to the success of a gastronomic business.


If you are looking for the right acoustic atmosphere for your business, drop us a line. We will find solutions that are not too expensive and fit into the architecture.

Lützow Bar Berlin


We offer full acoustic services, including:

  • Determination of requirements and target parameters for building and room acoustics
  • Prognosis of the reverberation time in rooms
  • Computer-aided room acoustics simulation

We find innovative solutions for the renovation of monuments and historic buildings.


Hamburg University of Music: Jazzhall

New construction of a concert hall for the jazz department.

The underground vault is optimized for use as a concert hall for electroacoustically amplified music, acoustic concerts and for lectures.





Simulation exterior view

German national institut of culture (Goethe – Institut)

Dakar, Senegal

  • room acoustics
  • building acoustics
  • media technique
  • report on sound emissions



Kéré architects, Berlin

Studio Pinha Wolf Kerschek

HZH UNterrichtsraum

Mensa Wilhelm Raabe Schule Lüneburg


Johanneum Grammar School, Lüneburg, Germany

Building acoustics / room acoustics

service phases 1 – 5



City of Lüneburg


Architect’s office

Grobe Passive House, Hanover

MuK Jena

Jena school of music and art.

Jena, Germany.

acoustic design of  recital hall and teaching rooms

Festsaal HfM Weimar


Telemann recital hall. Schloss Wilhelmsthal, Germany

Acoustic consultancy.


Acoustics Measurements

We offer all measurement services to determine parameters, such as:

  • Reverberation time
  • STI (Speech transmission index) „Speech intelligibility“
  • Clarity measure
  • noise level
  • impact sound level